Welcome to ANKE-PAX Workshop on Spin Physics!

The Workshop will be held at the Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute, Gatchina, Russia, in the period 25-27 June, 2012 (working days) with expected dates of arrival to be 24 and departure 28 June. Previous workshops were held in Ferrara in 2007 and in Dubna in 2009.

The former ANKE-PAX Workshop will be extended towards possible future activities of our institutes and will be called

Workshop on Existing and Future Projects between PNPI (Gatchina) and FZJ (Jülich)

Topics to be discussed include


Polarized Fusion, EDM and TRIC

A seminar, dedicated to the memory of Vladimir Koptev

Important dates

15 of April 2012 - deadline for visa application

1 of May 2012 - deadline for abstract submission. Please, use following template for MS Word (pdf preview).

15 of May 2012 - deadline for hotel reservation

15 of May 2012 - deadline for online registration

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The title photo was taken from Gatchina site