3rd Announcement

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Local Organizing Committee, I kindly ask you not to forget some important things for the Workshop on Existing and Future Projects between PNPI (Gatchina) and FZJ (Jülich)..

1. ARRIVAL : most of participants have already submit their travel information to me or to the web site. If you have last minute changes, please, inform us in a short mail. We will meet foreign participants in the airport and provide a bus or car to the desired hotel.

2. HOTEL : Those of you, who will stay in the PNPI hotel Akademicheskaya , must know that you should pay cache in roubles. Credit or debit cards are nor accepted. You can change money in the bank or take them from cache terminals in the airport or in Gatchina (it is about 10 minutes walk from the hotel). The PNPI hotel Akademicheskaya can provide breakfast for 100-150 rubles (3-5 euros). it is not included into the price for the hotel.

3. SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM : we have updated the scientific program and its latest version is in the attachment.

4. SOCIAL PROGRAM AND WELCOME DINNER : since not all participants are living in Gatchina we decided to combine "welcome dinner" with our boat trip on Neva. It will take place on Tuesday at 26 and will take about 3 hours.

5. CONFERENCE FEE : you should pay it in cache on Monday at the registration desk. Euros are accepted. We will provide you the confirmation bill.

5. TALK : we kindly ask you to upload your talk before the conference. We will check your talk on our computers and contact you if something is wrong. We accept Adobe Acrobat and MS Office files. If your talk is on transparencies, or made with another program, or contains movies and animation - you must tell it to us at least one day before. (Talk upload is here http://lkst.pnpi.nw.ru/anke-pax/talks.php)

6. WEATHER : it looks like weather will change during our workshop and it may become rainy on Tuesday. I think it is not bad if you can take an umbrella with you.

7. TRANSPORTATION : with those participants, who will stay in St.Petersburg, should meet with me on Monday morning at metro Moskovskaya at 8:00 . Adress is Moskovskyi prospekt 195 - it is on the other side of the prospekt near McDonalds (see point "one" on the map - http://maps.yandex.ru/-/CRVkr66F ). If it will be possible, I will show it on Sunday.

8. WAY TO PNPI FORM Petersburg : if you like to travel alone from SPb you must know point "three" on the map - http://maps.yandex.ru/-/CRVkr66F . this is the place for the Bus number 18a and 100 starting point. Price is less then 100 rubles and they start every 20 minutes. You should leave this bus in gatchina as it is shown on the accomodation map : http://maps.yandex.ru/-/CZWQi9R

9. WAY TO PNPI FROM Gatchina : we will pick you up from the hotel on monday at 9:00.

All necessary information you can find on the workshop website http://anke-pax.lkst.ru/

Looking forward to see you soon in St.Petersburg,
Organizing Committee of Workshop on Existing and Future Projects between PNPI (Gatchina) and FZJ (Jülich).
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